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Over 10 years of service in the Hydrovac industry

We bring experience, knowledge, and a high emphasis on safety and customer service to complete your excavation project. We operate top of the line equipment, run by certified experienced operators, for exposure of utilities and pipelines, trenching, and any other excavation work. The high pressure water and vacuum system we use on our trucks is a safer alternative to traditional digging and can work in sensitive and technical areas.

Pride of ownership is apparent in the quality equipment and services we provide. High standards in safety and customer service for all your hydro excavation needs, with the care and professionalism you deserve. We get the job done right and we get the job done safely. Call us today for your excavation needs

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Using a high pressure water and vacuum system, we are able to excavate or expose underground services and remove material from technical and sensitive areas. This is a safe and non-destructive approach to excavation leaving buried utilities and surrounding infrastructure intact and undamaged.

A safe, non-destructive alternative to digging.


Hydrovac Excavation

High Altitude hydrovac trucks are a safe, non-destructive alternative to digging.

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Uncovering and exposing of underground utilities, cables and pipelines.

HighAltitudeLtd - Slot Trenching

Slot Trenching

Excavating narrow trenches to install pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities.

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